We recognise that the national and local educational landscape has changed; the academies programme offers schools freedom and autonomy to develop independently.

We see this as an opportunity; as successful schools we are committed to leading school improvement within our own organisations and across the wider system.

We share a vision of promoting high aspirations and achieving excellent outcomes for all children; our schools are inclusive and exist to serve the children who live in the locality.

We believe that the school learning environment should deliver a vibrant, creative and relevant education for all pupils; fostering a love of learning is central to what we do.

We are committed to developing high quality staff and building leadership capacity across our schools; continuous professional development is an entitlement for all staff.

We recognise that schools are different and have unique identities; our approach is to allow schools to determine their own routes to excellence within the context of their own community.

We aspire to develop expertise across all phases of education that can be shared within and beyond our trust in order to secure school improvement for all.